The well-being, prosperity and future of 144 million people living in Russia are falling down about our ears. Such are the results of the actions of Putin’s big-league and oligarchs who have deep ties to the Kremlin. The current regime has built an authoritarian system with a prosperous metropolis, which siphons resources from subordinate «colonies» and requires the expansion of the «food base». The irrepressible appetites and aggressive policies of the center have already led to the largest war in Europe since WW2, and the situation is deteriorating uncontrollably. The peoples’ fates are under threat, not only in Russia, but in the whole world.

It's time to turn the ship around. Today, both Russia regions’ natural resources and perspiration and inspiration of people on a vast territory serve the interests of Moscow. But the Nations of Russia have the rights for self-determination and for worthy future for themselves, their children and grandchildren. People should manage their lives by themselves and find their place in the international community.

Free Nations of Russia Forum is a platform for bringing together municipal and regional leaders, members of the opposition movements of the Russian Federation, representatives of national movements, activists, the expert community, and everyone who is aware of the need for an immediate transformation of Russia. We discuss ways for structural changes in society, develop a plan of specific actions, concentrate resources and coordinate efforts for maximum efficiency in achieving our goals.


The goals of the Forum are: the reconstruction and structural transformation of Russia, the economic and political development of historical-cultural regions and autonomies, the full implementation of civil rights and freedoms, and peoples’ social well-being.

Forum participants develop approaches to the independent post-Putin nation states transitional administrations and governments creation, discuss minimizing risks of uncontrolled collapse in key sectors (including demilitarization with a complete rejection of the nuclear arsenal), form the new European collective security architecture and develop policies of peaceful, good-neighborly coexistence of the new independent republics of Russia and neighboring countries.

    Among the Forum main focus areas are:
  • De-imperialization and Decolonization
  • Deputinization and Denazification
  • Demilitarization and Denuclearization
  • Economic and Social changes

Reconstruction and structural transformation involves changing the administrative and territorial structure of post-Putin Russia. This process is a transition from an authoritarian imperial state to a galaxy of free, independent and democratic countries that can provide a decent standard of living, comfort, rights, prosperity and development for their own citizens, as well as sustainable peace in Eurasia.

De-imperialization and Decolonization will allow every nation and every region with separate cultural identity, history and economy, to fully realize the right for self-determination. Nations of Russia will gain sovereignty, subjectivity and independence — both political, economic and cultural.

Deputinization and Denazification is the only chance to defeat the corrupt imperial power elite, which destroys all dissenters and suppresses as harshly as possible any attempts by popular leaders to resist the criminal system. This process consists from an impartial investigation of the crimes of the regime, a tribunal for the organizers, ideologists and lustration for direct participants.

Demilitarization and Denuclearization are necessary to minimize casualties in case of the dictatorial regime fall and to eliminate all risks associated with the possibility of using the remnants of the Russian nuclear arsenal in regional conflicts, international terrorism and other threats to collective security.

Economic and Social changes should prevent the collapse of legal and economic institutions during transition period, prevent the people’s economic ruin and guarantee the sustainability of cooperation between new political and economic entities. Citizens of each region will find the best organizational form for their land: republics, unions, federations, confederations etc.


Among the participants and speakers of the Forum are opposition activists and politicians, including those in forced emigration, leaders of Russian regional national movements, as well as statesmen, diplomats and politicians from Europe, Asia and North America, military experts, economists, political scientists, religious authorities, journalists.


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Declaration about the Decolonization of Russia